Vespa II. Bangkok, Thailand


  • this is beautiful 🙂 did u use a lomo cam?

  • Clark

    No I didn’t use the lomo on this particular shot but used my Canon slr. The contrast is fairly high though which is the sort of results I get from the lomo.

  • fee

    Very nice! Beautiful shot of a beautiful Vespa.
    Parts of BKK seem lost in time.

  • clark

    Like many people I love old Vespa scooters. It’s amazing how many there are in Bangkok’s Chinatown — it’s the de facto standard for transportation it seems.

  • HI

  • Where is the shop vespa in bangkok

  • Justin McGillivray

    I have recently returned frm Thailand and have a collection of photos to share will do so soon agree that there are parts of Thailand lost in time.To drive a classic vespa there is like owning an italian sports car it seems