Near the East Gate. Hsinchu, Taiwan

Near the East Gate. Hsinchu, Taiwan

  • tony

    The drawback is that this place is noisy, and has nightmarish traffic. I remember several years ago I was hit by a motorcycle while crossing the street in this neighborhood (I was with my son on our way to My Home Steak House Café.)

  • That sounds horrible. It can happen … actually it will happen. It’s only a matter of when and how bad.
    Noise and nightmarish traffic can just about describe most areas of Hsinchu.

  • Definately cool!

  • Andy

    I like it how you can get the east gate to stand out like this. Did you take this like when it was almost dark? I would be interested to know your lens aperture and shutter settings. I suppose you didn’t do much ps manipulation as this is what the gate looks like in late afternoon.