Danshui River. Danshui, Taiwan

Danshui River. Danshui, Taiwan


  • http://www.photokit.net Wilson

    I like your style of shooting random things around the town and aroudn life everyday! :) Sort of like what I do! :) I’ll put youy on my list of sites to check daily! :) Cheers! ~Wilson

  • http://www.pbase.com/orbitalbox Howard Fang

    You can’t go wrong in Danshui. In childhood, I knew it was a place “far” away from the center of Taipei, and it was hard to get to even on a slow train. Oh yeah, where my parents took me to look at the 10/10 fire work show. 30 years later, I shot my wedding photo in Danshui, my wife attended school in Danshui, and spend Xmas eve 05 in Danshui.
    I like your style because like you, I too graduated from LOMO University. Shoot anything is the motto. I will definitely come back.